The Guy Mentality

I am a guy in my 30s. Heterosexual.

I started this blog as a "post-anything" blog but apparently my strong sexual desires hijacked it. The non sexual things that I post from time to time are also stuff that make me happy. I have started making my own gifs and am loving it.

Most of what you see here is NSFW unless you work in an awesome place.

My followers are a passionately horny lot. Actually, being passionately horny is a prerequisite :). They always have very kind things to say and I enjoy interacting with them. So people.. go ahead.. follow for updates and ask me whatever is on your mind or if you are daring and baring.. submit to me! Confessions are also welcome. Love you all.

Under-18 people should leave. You can come back when you are older :)
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